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FieldWatch Scope and Guidelines

This document can be used to learn about FieldWatch Scope and Guidelines.


User Guide: How to Register Your Crops and Beehives in FieldWatch

This document can be used to learn how to register crops and beehives in FieldWatch.


User Guide: How to Register as an Applicator in FieldWatch

This document can be used to learn how to register as a commercial, grower or licensed applicator in FieldWatch.


DriftWatch BeeCheck Manual Registration Form

This document can be used to manually register crops or beehives in the DriftWatch or BeeCheck registry.


FieldWatch Flyer

This document can be used as a promotional reference to learn more about our registries & other programs. Easy Printing!


FieldWatch FAQ

This document answers many commonly asked questions regarding FieldWatch and DriftWatch.


FieldWatch Membership

Find more information regarding the voluntary membership structure we have implemented as a means to support our efforts with DriftWatch and BeeCheck.


FieldWatch Overview Presentation

This document presents more information on the purpose of FieldWatch and the development of the DriftWatch Specialty Crop Site Registry.


FieldWatch Data Steward Contacts

This document includes contact information for all Data Stewards.


FieldWatch & BeeCheck Features

This document includes information about BeeCheck and FieldWatch features.


FieldWatch Privacy Policy

This document describes the types of personal information FieldWatch may collect from you when you visit any FieldWatch Website and how FieldWatch uses personal information.


FieldWatch Use Disclaimer

All registered users of the FieldWatch platform, including DriftWatch, BeeCheck, CropCheck, FieldCheck, and the SeedFieldCheck pilot program are bound by this following disclaimer.


FieldWatch Terms of Use

By using the Website (;;,,, and, you agree to these Terms.


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