Growing Good Neighbors

This pilot program is designed to gather grape growers, retailers, crop growers, beekeepers, livestock owners, specialty crop growers, conservationists and other interested community members over a shared meal to foster mutual understanding.

The goals of the program are to establish good neighborly relationships, increase communication about crop locations and new technologies, and create resilient communities with a favorable environment for conflict resolution.

Learn About the Missouri Growing Good Neighbors Dinners

In early 2018, the program hosted three community dinners at Missouri wineries to discuss issues that impact today’s agricultural communities and uncover common values. As part of our effort, the coalition pulled together a “Growing Good Neighbors Tool Kit” to help other organizations and states replicate this idea in their area.  Please feel free to use any parts of this tool kit that may be useful to you and your local partners!

St. James Winery

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St. James, MO

February 8, 2018

Baltimore Bend Winery

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Waverly, MO

February 13, 2018

Les Bourgeois Winery

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Rocheport, MO

March 6, 2018

Country Heritage Winery (Indiana)

Northern Indiana Community Meeting

Laotto, IN

July 21, 2021

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