About FieldWatch

Our mission is to develop and provide easy-to-use, reliable, accurate and secure on-line mapping tools intended to enhance communications that promote awareness and stewardship activities between crop producers, beekeepers and pesticide applicators.

A Non-Profit Company: From Purdue University to a National Collaborative

FieldWatch, Inc. is a non-profit company created to develop, expand and continue to innovate the DriftWatch Specialty Crop Site, BeeCheck Apiary Registry and CropCheck Row Crop Registry.

Our tools are voluntary in nature, free to use and were originally developed by the Purdue University Agriculture and Biological Engineering Department. The university’s successful web-based program, launched in 2008, was effective in allowing both farmers and applicators to identify, map and communicate where high-value specialty crops are grown as part of ongoing stewardship activities.

As the tool caught the attention of neighboring states, a non-profit company was formed called FieldWatch. At that time, FieldWatch transitioned from the Purdue IT environment to a secure private IT service provider who developed a national software program from which to grow FieldWatch into a national registry. Today, FieldWatch has expanded into twenty-one states and one Canadian province.

Balanced Stakeholder Representation

A major priority of FieldWatch is maintaining balanced stakeholder representation on the board of directors as well as seeking to develop a stewardship tool that is acceptable and brings value to all stakeholders. To ensure this balance, the FieldWatch board consists of four groups: Producers (growers and beekeepers), Applicators, Manufacturers and At-Large. Purdue University also maintains a permanent ex-officio position on the board of directors.

Executive Board

Board Chairman: Patrick Jones

Board Vice-Chair: 

Secretary: Trey Davis 

Treasurer: Brant Harrison

Past Chairman: KJ Johnson

Ex-officio Voting Director: Purdue University Dean of Agriculture, Karen Plaut/Bernie Engel

Producer/Beekeeper Group:

Roger Gunning
Red Gold, Inc.

Brant Harrison
Kokopelli Produce

Ken Martin

Jennifer Tsuruda
University of Tennessee

Applicator Group:

Jeff Bunting

Joel Meyer
Meyer Agri-Air

Paul Bonnett
Nutrien Ag

Manufacturing Group:

Trey Davis
Bayer Crop Science

Stephanie Darnell

Caydee Savinelli

Jeff Smith
Valent USA

Industry At-Large Group:

Patrick Jones
North Carolina Dept of Ag & Consumer Services

John Campbell
Southern Crop Production Assn (SCPA)

Debbie Hamrick
North Carolina Farm Bureau

Ryan Locke


Bob Walters, CEO bob.walters@fieldwatch.com

Curt Hadley, Business Development Manager curt.hadley@fieldwatch.com

Software Development and Support Delmar Information Technologies

Corporation By-Laws

Amended FieldWatch By-Laws 2018

Vision, Mission, Foundational Objectives

FieldWatch Foundational Objectives Final 5-13-2013