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About FieldWatch

Our mission is to develop and provide easy-to-use, reliable, accurate and secure on-line mapping tools intended to enhance communications that promote awareness and stewardship activities between producers of specialty crops, beekeepers and pesticide applicators.

A Non-Profit Company: From Purdue University to a National Collaborative

FieldWatch, Inc. is a non-profit company created to develop, expand and continue to innovate the DriftWatch Specialty Crop Site and BeeCheck Apiary Registry.


In the News

Beekeepers Protect Hives From Pesticide Amid Virus Fight

Beekeepers in a northern Indiana county say they were able to protect their honey-producing hives from a pesticide used in aerial spraying to combat a rare mosquito-borne virus.

Drift awareness and prevention: Adding specialty crop maps and data to your communication toolbox

Commercial specialty and certified organic crops are increasingly found in our agricultural landscape, and many of these crops are often more sensitive to drift from pesticides used in

Guardians of the Drift: More States Turn to FieldWatch as Spray Season 2019 Approaches

FieldWatch's maps identify the locations of sensitive crops and beehives for pesticide applicators to avoid. Demand has never been higher. Read more

Protecting Pollinators: States Take the Reign on Pollinator Health

Just as worker bees provide the hive with the substance it needs to thrive, states work to create pollinator habitat and increase awareness for an overall bigger impact


ST. LOUIS, Missouri — FieldWatch, Inc®, a non-profit company that helps applicators, growers of specialty crops and beekeepers communicate about the locations of crops and hives to improve

Area Producers Taking Advantage Of Sensitive Crop Registry

CHANTELLE GROVE, Iowa — The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship is reporting the successful revamping of the Iowa Sensitive Crops Registry and is encouraging eligible producers

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